About SPierce Photography

As a photographer specializing in Architectural and Commercial Real Estate photography, my job is part perfectionism, part bringing my clients’ vision for their project to life and mostly planning to be in the right place, from the right angle, in the right weather, at the right time.

Whether it's talking myself onto the rooftop of a neighboring building, climbing onto the roof of my car for the perfect shot, or waking up at 3am to prep a project site, it's all about consistent planning, luck and doing whatever it takes to get a project done right!

If you feel I may be a fit for what you are looking for in your upcoming project or event, please give me a call at 616-560-7254 or email Steph@spiercephotography.com. Regular business hours are Monday through Sunday from 7:30am – 11:00pm.

SPierce Photography/Stephanie Pierce is a woman-owned, full service photography studio located in the Indian Orchard Mills complex at 34-40 Front Street Indian Orchard, MA 01151.

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